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Yoga Poses: A Beginners Guide

Yoga Poses: A Beginners Guide

It is said that there are thousands of different yoga poses. The good news is that a beginner needs to only know a few to get started. By doing the series of yoga poses it is thought to not only make the practitioner feel and look younger but also will give them inner peace and a radiant healthy glow. There are seven basic different types of yoga movements that your body will make through the different poses, these are flexion, extension, hyperextension, abduction, adduction, rotation, and circumduction. A combination of these will give you a stronger, more balanced, and flexible body and are a great way to help with relaxation and deal with stress.

The Basics of Yoga

Before taking on yoga and practicing the poses there are some things which you should bear in mind, these are:

* Know your body’s limitations.

* Don’t push yourself too hard.

* If possible start your yoga with guidance from a teacher or if not then at the very least videos showing the yoga poses.

* Consult your Doctor before undertaking yoga especially if you have a serious medical condition.

The series of yoga poses which are called the Asanas usually are started with breathing deeply and slowly focusing your mind and cantering yourself. It is important that during the poses your breathing and the movements of your body are in coordination. If you are not feeling physically fit enough to perform the asanas there are several other paths or branches in yoga that focus on the mind instead of the body.

The Beginning Sequence of All Yoga Poses

The Corpse Pose

Corpse poseThis pose is considered to be a classic pose in the aid of relaxation and is the first pose as well as the final relaxation pose. It requires a lot of concentration and can help with stimulating blood circulation, nervousness, asthma, diabetes, and indigestion.

1. Lie on your back and gently rotate your legs in and out to the sides letting them fall gently apart and to the side.

2. Let your arms fall alongside your body but not touching your body with the palms facing up.

3. Rotate the spine by gently turning your head from side to side to center it.

4. Gently start to stretch out as though someone is pulling your head up from your feet, shoulders down and away from your neck, and your legs down and away from your pelvis.

5. Breathing deeply and slowly from your stomach.

6. While you are holding the pose concentrate on your breathing.

7. After holding the pose for several minutes bend your knees then using your legs to push yourself onto one side.

8. Push your self up into a sitting position.

The Easy Pose

Easy PoseThis is a classic meditation pose and usually follows the corpses pose, it helps to straighten the spine, promotes inner peace and tranquillity, and slows down the metabolism.

1. Sit on the floor cross and bend your knees then clasp your hands around your legs and bring them to your chest, release your legs and cross them so you are sitting cross-legged, let your knees drop down to the floor and keep your head, spine, and body erect.

Neck Exercises

Our body holds a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders, neck exercises can help relieve tension, tone muscles, and increase flexibility.

1. Let your head fall back then bring it forward and down to your chest.

2. Bend your head right ear to the right shoulder and left to left.

3. Rotate your head around in circles.

Sun Salutations

Sun SalutationsThis pose will limber up the whole body getting it ready for the rest of the yoga poses, it is a sequence of twelve positions which are gracefully performed as one exercise.

1. Stand straight with your feet together and your hands palm facing as though you are praying, make sure your weight is evenly distributed and breathe out.

2. Breathe in and stretch your arms up above your head keeping your legs straight and relaxing your neck.

3. Breathe out and bend forward from the waist pressing the palms of your hands down on your toes, bend your knees if you need to.

4. Breathing in take the left leg back and bring the right knee up leaning forward with both palms flat on the floor arching your back and lifting your chin up.

5. Take your right leg back to meet the left with both palms flat on the floor supporting your weight, as in a push-up.

6. Breathing out lower your knees, chest, and then your forehead until you are lying flat on the floor with your toes curled under.

7. Breathe in as you lower your hips and raise the upper part of your body keeping your legs together and your shoulders down bend your head back so you are looking up.

8. Breathing out raise your hips with palms on the floor pushing yourself into an inverted v shape.

9. Breathing in bring your right foot between your hands resting your left leg back and down on the floor bring your head up to look up 10. breathing out bring your other leg forward and push yourself into a standing position while bending at the waist keeping your palms flat on the floor.

11. Breathing in raise your arms up and forward and back over your head bending from the waist.

12. Breathing out gently come back to a standing position with your arms by your sides.

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